Mu Chapter of Theta Tau

Lubna Alansari, Zac Gentle, Brandon Satterwhite, and Elizabeth Scheig proudly pose with the Erich J. Schrader Award.
Lubna Alansari, Zac Gentle, Brandon Satterwhite, and Elizabeth Scheig proudly pose with the Erich J. Schrader Award.

We are the Mu Chapter of Theta Tau. We currently have sixty-three student members and seventeen potential new members. Seven of our student members are expecting to graduate in May, and two expect to graduate at the end of the summer. The University of Alabama recently restricted potential new member programs to eight weeks, not including breaks, so our expected initiation date is April 24th.

Other exciting events on our agenda include but are certainly not limited to Greek Week next Monday through Friday, our faculty luncheon on March 26th, a Disney themed 5k we are co-hosting with Phi Sigma Pi on March 28, a trip to New Orleans for our spring formal in April, and A-Day on April 18th.

Greek Week is a week full of events, like bowling and a dance competition. The fraternities and sororities on campus are paired up and compete against one another. It is a great opportunity to network within the UA Greek community, as well as spread the name of Theta Tau around campus.

The faculty luncheon gives us the opportunity to personally give back and thank the faculty who have invested so much time into our academic success.

The Disney 5k will give us another opportunity to network on campus as well as raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Our spring formal trip will provide our student members and guests a much deserved break from the toil of being an engineering student. Plans have already been made for fun and relaxation.

A-Day is the highlight of the spring semester as it brings countless alumni to campus for a day of tailgating and scrimmaging.

We are proud to be named the recipient of the 2012–2014 Erich J. Schrader Award, the fraternity's top honor for its most distinguished chapter of the previous biennium. The Schrader Award is granted on the basis of chapter brotherhood, intramural sports, philanthropy, and professional development. This year's honor marks the third of its kind for Mu Chapter since the inception of the Schrader Award program in 1968.

We is also excited at the progress our Housing Initiative is making towards the construction of our new house on campus. It is a great privilege to have a house, and our chapter is beyond lucky to have the growth in student members and the commitment of our alumni and university that we have to be able to invest in a larger space. We might be able to break ground as soon as the spring semester of 2016! Please feel free to visit our beautiful new home once it is complete.

Our chapter has also been making great leaps to increase our presence on the UA campus. Three of the six positions (including president) on the United Greek Council executive board are currently held by student members of Mu Chapter. Through our work with UGC, we have been able to reach out to other Greek organizations, as well as to the higher authorities on campus. Increased presence has equated to increased opportunities for our chapter.