Chapter History

The founders of Mu Chapter of Theta Tau
The twelve founders of Mu Chapter of Theta Tau.
1st Row: F.L. Davis (Vice-President), S.D. Moxley (President), J.W. Cotline (Secretary)
2nd Row: R.E. Thompson, R.E. Mallette, J.H. Wingard, C.F. Booth, C.C. Shotts
3rd Row: C.A. Weston, R.J. Van de Graaff, F.C. Smith, W.O. Stephens

In 1914, a group of engineering students at The University of Alabama created a fraternal organization known as the Engineer's Club. In 1914, the Engineer's Club affiliated with the American Association of Engineers; membership was opened to all engineering students at the University. As a result, the fraternal spirit of the organization disappeared. In September of 1920, twelve students felt the need for a stronger fraternal organization that coincided with their engineering schooling. Thus the Castle Club was born with a strong intention of becoming affiliated with a national professional engineering fraternity. During the summer of 1920, Stephen Dewey Moxley, the president of the Castle Club, became acquainted with some members of Theta Tau while he was working in Michigan. Moxley and Charles Burch Cameron, a member of Beta Chapter, was instrumental in preparing the Castle Club for admission as Mu Chapter of Theta Tau. On March 19, 1921, a petition was sent to Theta Tau, and on January 3, 1922, the twelve members of Castle Club were initiated as the charter members of Mu Chapter. Mu was installed as the twelfth chapter of Theta Tau, and it was the first chapter in the Southeast to be installed. The first regent of Mu Chapter was Frank Lawrence Davis of Ramer, AL.

We are one of the oldest Theta Tau chapters and are proud to tell you that we are also one of the longest continuously active chapters of Theta Tau. Since our founding in 1922, we have never been inactive at any point in our history.

We also have the distinction of having the largest number of alumni of any Theta Tau chapter. We have intiated more brothers than any other Theta Tau chapter. Today, Mu Chapter boasts more than 100 active brothers and has more than tripled its membership since 2013.

We have been very active on campus and have been involved with engineering events (such as E-Day), intramural sports, technical societies, and university organizations.

Mu Chapter has held the National Convention twice (1968 and 1980).

Four times we have had the outstanding delegate of the National Convention come from Mu Chapter:

Delegate Year
John E. Daniel 1964
A. Thomas Brown 1976
John R. McClellan 1978
Randall L. Patton 1980

We have also had several members from our chapter serve on the Grand Executive Council:

Position Member Year(s) Served
Regent William K. Rey 1962–1966
A. Thomas Brown 1982–1986
Brandon Satterwhite 2012–2016
Vice Regent William K. Rey 1958–1962
John Daniel 1976–1978
A. Thomas Brown 1980–1982
Marshall William K. Rey 1968–1972
Fred Armstrong 1972–1974
Brandon Satterwhite 2006–2011
Inner Guard A. Thomas Brown 1956–1958
Outer Guard William K. Rey 1956–1958
A. Thomas Brown 1974–1976
Student Member Ronald Wallace 1974–1976
Randall Patton 1980–1982
Delegate at Large A. Thomas Brown 1986–1990
Southeastern Regional Director Anthony Gambel 1989–1998
Brandon Satterwhite 2000–2006
Keyannah Holloway 2014–Present