Roll Number Name Major Hometown
Μ‒46 Dr. Hugh Pallister Mining Engineering Cleveland, OH
Μ‒66 Fred Maxwell Mechanical Engineering Tuscaloosa, AL
Μ‒756 Willard Franklin Gray Electrical Engineering Flint, TX
Μ‒1246 Dr. Clark Midkiff Mechanical Engineering Lexington, KY
Μ‒1272 Dr. Michael Triche Civil Engineering
Μ‒1273 Dr. Keith Woodbury Mechanical Engineering
Μ‒1285 Dr. Jeff Jackson Electrical Engineering Oxford, AL
Μ‒1286 Dr. Larry Wurtz Electrical Engineering Dothan, AL
Μ‒1287 Dr. Leon Sadler Chemical Engineering Camden, AL
Μ‒1475 Dr. Mark Weaver Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Seattle, WA
Μ‒1476 Dr. Kevin Whitaker Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Albuquerque, NM