Why You Should Pledge

At The University of Alabama, the student population is steadily growing, and we are quickly nearing 40,000 students. Much of that growth is within the College of Engineering, and the university is attracting increasing numbers of bright, motivated engineering students.

At Alabama, Greek Life is huge, with a large portion of the student body being a member of a fraternity or a sorority. Many people come to these organizations seeking a lifetime of brotherhood, a sense of family, and a strong fraternal bond that lasts forever. However, many of these organizations are not tailored to or do not adequately meet the needs of engineering students.

Theta Tau prides ourselves in being distinct from other, much larger fraternities on campus because of the strong bonds that are forged from living in a smaller community. Success in the discipline of engineering does not come easily, and having people around you who are in your discipline of engineering and have been in the classes you have been is undoubtedly beneficial. We understand the needs of engineering students.There will always be someone at the house who can help you with homework, help you deal with the adjustment to college life, or just hang out and play games with you.

As with any fraternity, membership comes with the advantage of having social functions to go to. We have many events scheduled throughout the semester that aim to strengthen brotherhood among our current and future members. We are very active in Greek Life on campus, and participate in Homecoming (where we regularly win awards!) and Greek Week along with numerous other Greek events throughout the year. For those weekends in which you have nothing to do, you can always find people just hanging out at the house enjoying themselves.

However, we do know when it’s time to get serious. At any given moment during the day you are bound to see brothers doing homework—whether it's one person or a whole group. The house is a convenient place to get work done and find help if you ever need it.

In addition to all of these excellent perks, our dues are significantly lower than that of any other fraternity on campus.

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What To Expect

A bid is a formal invitation to pledge Theta Tau. You will be notified of this at the end of rush.

During your pledge semester, you will participate in a variety of activities with your pledge class and the chapter as a whole that are designed to be fun, to bring you closer to your future brothers, and to help you learn about the history and traditions of our Fraternity. After you formally pledge, you will be given a schedule of these events.

There are fees associated with pledging including a pinning fee upon formally pledging the Fraternity and an initiation fee should you become initiated as a student member. We will discuss these in detail with you. Should you choose to move into the fraternity house, some fees will be waived.

About the House

Our house has a full kitchen and a laundry room. One of the advantages to living in our house is that it is the cheapest on-campus housing and is close to most engineering buildings—where you are likely to have classes.

We have eight bedrooms—each of which have two beds.

We require that every member lives in the house for two semesters. There are some exceptions to this rule.

We usually have ample parking available. As with other parking lots on campus, you will need a corresponding parking pass to park during hours established by Bama Parking. The closest parking lots are behind the house, right beside Bryant Hall, and right in front of the house, in front of the bus hub and Campus Drive parking deck. Both lots are Silver lots.

We don't have a meal service, but there are plenty of dining locations on campus close to the house. We are just a few steps away from Bryant Dining Hall and The Fresh Food Company Dining Hall.

As for television and Internet services, we have the standard packages that the University provides.